Building a new urban environment that starts in the apartment
and expands to the street and the neighborhood

Urban Renewal at Bonei Hatichon

Renewing urban reality

We believe that the city centrums as well as veteran neighborhoods requires today, more than ever, an update of the whole urban space that will allow residents and visitors a safe, accessible environment, one that is more suitable to the modern lifestyle.

We choose to focus on projects on a significant scale in order to create a new urban reality which takes under consideration the entire urban ecosystem, starting from the building and going into the street and the city.
BOH have been active in the urban Renewal field for over a decade. We specialize in locating, promoting and executing of Pinuy-Binuy projects on a significant size of 100 units and up in the most popular areas in Israel. In addition, we have a special division handling TAMA 38 projects in Tel Aviv under the brand name
“Bonim Ba'eer".
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In the last decade, we have formed a work method
of Urban Renewal projects as well as a form of action designed to specifically serve Pinuy-Binuy, a method that is based on six main steps:

 <strong>Doing </strong> our homework
<strong>Building</strong> a relationship
<strong>Great contracts</strong> form great friendships
<strong>Planning</strong> successful projects
<strong> On your mark,</strong>  get set, build!
<strong>Welcome back</strong> to your new home with your old, beloved address
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Doing our homework

We choose our Pinuy-Binuy projects independently as well as a response to the apartment owner's request. In this step we examine different criteria such as:
  • The complex and the buildings in question.
  • The level of suitability for a the Pinuy-Binuy project and to our company's plans.
  • The feasibility in terms of licensing and approvals.
  • The existence of a fruitful collaboration with current tenants.
After our initial stage of examining the feasibility and compatibility to a Pinuy-Binuy project, we promote meetings with the building representatives. The building representatives are the ones chosen to represent and serve as the main communication point with apartment owners.
In the meetings we will exchange information and discuss the wishes and needs of the homeowners, introduce the company managers and professionals driving the project, while discussing alternatives for the project.
The building representative, along with the legal assistance chosen (a lawyer, fully paid for by our company), our consultants and our professional managers, will create the legal agreement between both sides. The agreement will include a summary of all the legal and commercial terms between the parties including the compensation, the tenants guarantees and securities.
Upon completion of the agreement, the homeowners will be invited to sign the agreement.
The planning stage of the project will begin after most of the tenants have signed the agreement. We will start hiring the relevant consultants and prepare the mandatory plans that will be sent to approval by the local and regional planning establishments. The plans will consider all aspects of the project: apartments, buildings, parking issues and regulations surrounding greenery, view, public areas and more.

We will keep tenants and homeowners updated throughout the stages of the process.
Upon receiving full construction approvals and evacuation of all apartments, we will start the process of wrecking the old buildings and establishing foundations for new ones, according to the schedule defined in the initial agreement.
To allow a smooth, safe and easy move for all tenants involved, we will fund the rent expanses of all tenants for the period of the project as well as pay for the moving costs for both directions. We are highly sensitive to the topic of assistance to disabled or elderly tenants and will provide special support as needed.
And now, to the most exciting part of the whole journey: Moving back to the new apartment while making sure all terms of the agreement and specifications are fulfilled in all units.

Our customer service department will be available at your service from beginning to end; prior to the process, during the project and after you move in, so your needs and requests will be served in the best possible way. Now all that is left for you is to invite us for the Mezuzah instalment!
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Why choose Bonei Hatichon for your project?
Thanks to its long experience in initiating and executing
Why choose Bonei Hatichon for your project?
The ability to meet complex challenges and lead them to success
Why choose Bonei Hatichon for your project?
Thanks to smart and functional well done architectural design
Why choose Bonei Hatichon for your project?
Thanks to the dedicated service and close care
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