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A Proud History Since 1985

Our home is where it all begins

Home is the starting point of our story, where we establish our core values, plan our journey and construct our aspirations, dreams and vision that will accompany us forever.
We, at Bonei Hatichon (BOH) know that the starting point and the journey will determine the success, and that's why, for over 3 decades, we have been committed to build your ideal home at the highest standards, a home where you can write your own story – all while paying attention to the finest details and maintaining professionalism and service in the highest standards.
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ONO ONE - חוויית מגורים אורבנית ומעצימה בלב העיר קריית אונו.
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Initiating a vision

A holistic quality living experience begins with understanding the long-term potential. Our approach when looking into a project is to initially spot the location, explore its possibilities, examine ventilation directions as well as sun exposure angles throughout the day.
Afterwards, we will examine the project's environment, community and prosperity potential of the area, only then – we can start tailoring the project in a way that will naturally assimilate to it, instantly increasing the area's value prominently.
All the materials, architecture and the overall living experience will be derived from the conclusions drawn according to this vision.
Planning the smallest details

When planning a project, we dig deep. Analyzing our potential market in order to understand its desires, we conduct surveys & comparing competitors' offerings. All to create the precise apartment to meet our clients' needs. This is manifested in every aspect of the planning process from suppliers & materials all the way character of the project. We see all professionals as our partners – all are truly devoted to have every little detail working in perfect harmony, all the way to the finished project.
Building a reality

They say building a home requires understanding people. We understand that when our clients are buying their home, they are actually making the largest purchase of their lives, putting their trust in our hands and trusting us that their home will suit and serve their needs in the best way possible.
We count on our client's trust; it nourishes our drive and motivation. Therefore, our projects are characterized by the highest level of finish, while providing an exquisite, timeless design & pampering specifications. We aspire to be the best decision our clients have made when they chose us.
Feeling at home

For us, a good product is not good enough. The living experience of Bonei Hatichon (BOH) begins with the first greeting, smile and handshake. It begins with the acknowledgment that we are awarded with the opportunity to guide you through such an important and exciting decision in your life.
Bonei Hatichon in numbers

Let the facts speak for themselves.

Bonei Hatichon was founded as a real estate development and construction company.
Founded by the late Mr. Aharon Peretz and his son Mr. Ami Peretz, the company took a significant part in building and developing Israel since it's early days, Building and participating in many national projects such as new immigrant housing and projects for the Security office and the Israel Electric company
The company holds the highest contractor classification in the industry
This classification is the highest given to construction companies and refers to the size of projects the company is allowed to perform. This classification permits the company to perform construction across all asset types with no limitation to the amount of money it entails
Bonei Hatichon is first issued on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Throughout the years, the company has gained a great deal of trust from investors, different financial institutions & the entire financial echo-system.
Over 13,000 housing units in urban renewal projects at various stages
The company is one of the first companies to recognize the need and potential for urban renewal in city centers. For over a decade it has been locating, promoting and executing projects in the field.
DUNS 100
Ranked at the top of the DUN'S 100 ranking
The DUN'S 100 rating is a professional, objective and reliable rating that ranks companies in the real estate industry in accordance with regular and measurable criteria.
Launch of B CENTER
The company first opened a commercial center in the heart of the green Kfar Saba neighborhood.
Bonei Hatichon won bids for Mehir La'mishtaken across the country
The company continues the tradition that was outlined at the outset of building the country and proud to take part in another significant national move in the housing sector, while providing a housing solution for many thousands of young couples in Israel.
Launch of "Bonim Ba'eer"
"Bonim Baeer" is the Tel Aviv urban renewal arm of Bonei Hatichon, specializing in Tama 38/2 projects. Understanding the city and the human texture of it, alongside the professionalism and experience, allow Bonim Ba'eer to create a new way of living.
The number of housing units in one of the largest Pinuy Binuy project in the country, which was promoted by the company
Bonei Hatichon is proud to be the developer behind the mega urban renewal Project – Ono One- in Kiryat Ono, which is one of Israel’s largest Pinuy Binuy projects.
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בוני התיכון לוקחת חלק משמעותי בבניית רובע המגורים החדש ביבנה ותקים 322 יח"ד ב-7 בניינים.