Mechir Lemishtaken

Living experience in Moreshet Modiin

Ella Modiin is located in the center of Moreshet neighborhood and it’s watching over the archeological site Horbat Eshon.

The project stands at the main boulevard which will include public facilities commerce centers, parks and playgrounds.

The project includes 4 buildings of 12-15 floors each, and on each floor a luxurious specification, equipped with leading energy saving technologies.

155 spacious apartments with 3,4,5, and 6-bedrooms, penthouses and garden apartments.

Moreshet Neighborhood – That's how you build a neighborhood!

Moreshet neighborhood is one of 2 new neighborhoods that are planned to be built in the city.  The neighborhood will include 4,200 units and it will be built on a 2-peaks ridge, with a main boulevard crossing in between.

The neighborhood’s location in the west side of the city will allow its residents a straight access to Pa'atey Modiin train station, Ishpro mall center, 431 road and 1 road which leads to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Azriely Modiin mall and the Modiin train station are also minutes away from the neighborhood.

In addition, schools, kindergartens and many of public facilities will be built in the neighborhood for the community.

Moreshset neighborhood will not only enjoy the open eastern and western view, but also from advanced environmental development, public gardens, walking and cycling paths that will transform it to another link in the chain of Modiin success stories.
<strong>All the steps on the way to claiming your winning</strong> of an apartment in our project
<strong>Notice of winning</strong> a Mehir La'mishtaken raffle
<strong>Winners'</strong> Conferences
<strong>Selection</strong> of apartment
<strong>Guidelines</strong> for the personal meeting
<strong>Signing</strong> the purchase contract
<strong>Selection of apartment specifications</strong>
Winning steps

All the steps on the way to claiming your winning of an apartment in our project

Congratulations! The dream of every Israeli family is a home, and we in Bonei Hatichon are happy to take part in its fulfillment.

The winning claiming process of the Mehir La'mishtaken raffle is meant to enable each and every one of you to purchase the apartment that suits your needs, desires and financial ability.<br>To exhaust your winning of the apartment, we have prepared for you a flow chart that describes each step in the process and indicates what you need to do to win the apartment.
Congratulations! You've won twice! The raffle and Bonei hatichon project too.
The announcement was provided to you by the Ministry of Construction and Housing, along with a serial number. The serial number you received will accompany you throughout the winning claiming process and apartment selection

Keep all of the winning documents you have received, until the signing of the apartment contract is completed and afterwards too.
Please note, attending conferences is very important so you can make the most of your win. Please make sure you come to the conference at the specified date.
At the conference we will explain to you about the project, we will detail what apartments are offered, and we will address issues such as prices, specifications, mortgages and more. During the conference you will be able to ask questions to our representatives on relevant topics

save the date!
Pre-arrival must be confirmed for the tenants conference. Your presence is important, please save the date your calendars!
Once we’ve completed the winners' conference, you will be invited to a personal apartment selection meeting.
At the meeting you can ask us specific questions, and state the apartment you have chosen

How to choose an apartment?
Each winner can choose one apartment, depending on the serial number given to them in the raffle. Every chosen apartment will be subtracted from the apartments list. The next in line will be able to choose an apartment from the remaining ones, after the selection of the previous winner

Our apartment inventory is presented on our site for your convenience.
We recommend that you take time to understand the project in depth and study the character of the apartments there.
Attending the personal meetings is mandatory!
  • All winners listed in the winning announcement must attend the day of the apartment selection.
  • case one of the spouses cannot attend, he / she must equip the spouse with his / her ID card and a power of attorney.
  • In the event that both spouses cannot attend, they must send a representative equipped with a notarized power of attorney.
  • Please note that the person with the power of attorney must be equipped in each case with a complete and signed form and the winners' ID.
For your convenience here are the power of attorney forms:
  • Power of attorney form for one spouse (in case only one of the winners comes)
  • Notary power of attorney (in case all winners cannot attend)
*All details must be filled in on the form and the ID of the signatory must be attached to the form.

You must come equipped with:
  • ID of each winner
  • Photo of the winners' IDs
  • Printed winning certificate (sent to you by email)
  • Printed certificate of eligibility (sent to you by email)
  • Down payment check of NIS 2,000
Failure to arrive on the apartment choosing day will cancel your eligibility!
Come prepared with at least 5 apartment options!

As mentioned, you can find here full details of the types of apartments and their prices.
We recommend that you choose at least 5 apartments in advance, from the offered apartments, so that you can get the most suitable apartment for you.
Upon choosing the apartment, a down payment of NIS 2,000 will be paid. The down payment will be returned with the signing of the contract.
If you decide to cancel your apartment choice, the down payment will not be returned to you.
Only 45 minutes will be dedicated to each session. If you do not choose an apartment at this time frame, your eligibility will be canceled.
*We recommend to arrive fifteen minutes earlier
Once you select an apartment, from those in stock, you will receive a purchase contract.
The purchase contract and its attachments must be signed within 14 days. After that date, your winning will be canceled.
Please note: The contract of sale can be signed at the time of choosing the apartment.
At the time of signing the contract you will receive a payment voucher pad with which you will be asked to reach the bank and make the payment.
You can get instructions on how to pay at the bank at the time of signing the contract

Pay attention!
The purchase contracts have been reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and are not subject to change or negotiation.
Please remember to sign with you the following documents:
  • ID of each of the winners.
  • Check for attorney's fees (NIS 5,019 plus VAT or a total equal to one-half percent of the proceeds plus VAT, whichever is lower).
After signing the purchase contract, you will be called to a showroom on the project site.
In the showroom you can see all the alternatives available to choose from, as part of the apartment specification, offered to you as part of the Mehir La'mishtaken program.
Each of the specifications will include details about the product itself, its dimensions, shades in which it is offered and more.
You must fill out the selection form you receive in the showroom and sign it.

Congratulations! The apartment purchase process is complete and you are on your way to your first home!
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